For individuals and organizations who need to communicate effectively, seminars are not just professional development. Value-added learning means better results, improved performance and higher levels of engagement with all important people in their business affairs: clients, suppliers, employees, government.

Maurice Fritze, Seminar Leader

The Seminars

Influencing Government: A How-To

Improve your ask by 4:30pm

"Overall rating of the instructor: 100% very satisfied"

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How to have a Difficult Conversation

What to say to difficult people

"Maurice is an excellent educator. Perfect level of knowledge and textbook theory vs participation."

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Negotiation Skills Training

Enhance your capabilities at the negotiation table

"This was an unbelievably valuable and rewarding course. The content was very engaging, eye-opening and interesting."

Successful people are successful negotiators. 587-523-9467

Executive Conflict Resolution Skills

Want to be upwardly mobile in one day?

"Maurice is amazing. I hope to take future courses in this subject, taught by Maurice."

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How to be a Mentor

Mentoring: What is in it for you?

"Overall rating of the course: very satisfied. Rating of the instructor's preparedness: very satisfied."

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The Details

All seminars are one day in duration. We come to you.

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Seminar pricing starts at $300 per participant, minimum 10. Price scales down to $200 per participant for maximum 40.

As a leading provider of seminars and workshops, the Institute for Resolving Conflict takes pride in offering high quality and contemporary personal and professional development instruction for adult learners. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day.

Maurice Fritze is one of Alberta's leading seminar speakers and has taught at MacEwan University for seven years in the School of Business program. His seminars receive very high marks from participants and the actual evaluations are available for viewing.

Presenter Biography

Maurice is a dynamic presenter who is well-respected for his strategic thinking, insight, patience, diplomacy and exceptional skill in navigating sensitive situations. He uses his experience, accomplishments and passion to help others learn, grow and succeed in achieving their goals. Maurice worked as a Conflict Coach for the Legal Education Society and ADR Education and he also mediates disputes as a private consultant. He studied 210 hours with the Alberta Mediation and Arbitration Society and was on the mediation roster of the Provincial Court of Alberta for 10 years. Maurice was the recipient of the 1992 Governor General's Commemorative Medal and has been recognized by the Alberta Justice Minister for over 120 mediations at Provincial Court. Recently, Maurice was approved for Level Two Security by CSIS [Secret Security].

Maurice teaches three two-day seminars on conflict resolution at MacEwan University.

Maurice is a registered lobbyist and also teaches seminars on lobbying government, mentoring and how to have difficult conversations.

As a lobbyist, Maurice has worked files as diverse as municipal government, education, arts, sports and business.

Terms and Conditions

Client must sign a contract committing to the agreed upon date.

Travel, meals and accommodation must be paid and arranged by the client. Travel time must be convenient to Maurice Fritze. Flights are preferred over driving.

Clients Must Provide

Appropriate space for the seminar

Appropriate insurance

Projector and screen

Individual name cards for each participant

PA system if over 24 participants

Two flip charts and markers

Printing and distribution of handouts

Client must receive and sign in participants

Customizing the presentation will incur additional charges

Questions? Call Maurice at 587-523-9467

References and Seminar evaluations are available upon request.

The Institute for Resolving Conflict is registered in Alberta.

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